Overview of School

                                                     RAPID CITY SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST SCHOOL
                                                                           1636 Concourse Ct.
                                                                             Rapid City, SD 57703

                                                                       Telephone: (605) 343-2785

Dear Friend,

         Thank you for your interest in our educational system. We are a K-8 Christian school associated with the
Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Rapid City SDA Elementary School is a part of the North American Division
which is a system that operates more than one thousand elementary and secondary schools and fifteen colleges and
universities. The system itself encompasses the world. The educational program is predicated on the belief that
each student is unique and of inestimable value, and on the importance of the development of the whole person.
 The educational system takes seriously the trust placed upon it to nurture children and youth spiritually and to
provide educational excellence.

       Our school is a two teacher school and adheres strictly to the belief that each child is of utmost
importance. Therefore, overcrowding is discouraged. When the enrollment limit is reached, new students may be
placed on a waiting list.

        You may have seen statistics about the cost of education. Public schools, of course, are supported by tax
dollars and often state that there are not enough funds allocated for the support of education. Other Christian
schools in the Rapid City area charge an average tuition rate of about $250 to $350 a month plus applications fees
and book charges. Even with these charges, the cost of education must be subsidized.

        Although, there are many costs involved in running a school such as ours, the Rapid City SDA
Elementary School Board of Education is dedicated to providing a quality education at a cost that will be as
affordable as possible and yet help to defray some of the expense of running the school. Parents are also
encouraged to volunteer the service of their time and vehicles to make the school program more cost effective.
Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year has been set at $190 for the first child per month and $165 for each additional child per month. In addition, an application fee of
$250 per child is due and payable upon registration. 

       There are certain expenses in addition to the operating expenses which may come up. Students are
requested to buy the following:

     1. Paper, pencils, erasers, glue, and other personal supplies.
     2. Participation fees for some activities such as ski trips, ice skating, track & field expenses,
     and gym fees.
     3. Optional hot lunch twice a month
     4. Possible entrance fees on some field trips.
     5. Gift exchange at Christmas.

       Because we believe that children learn by participation, we require some weekend, or evening,
performances such as school plays, musical presentations, etc. These may take approximately eight additional
weekend hours.

       Service to family, community, and the larger world are encouraged in our school. Throughout the school
year, we expose our students to various service activities.

       We are looking forward to meeting you and are excited about guiding your child(ren) in his/her/their Journey to Excellence should you and we determine that our school would be a good place for your child(ren) to be.

                                                        Jamie Howell

                                                        Annabelle Harper